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Friday, September 26, 2008

Hide the Melee Units

Dragons are renowned for their ferocity in battle. The blazing wrath of the reds and the righteous fury of the golds send infantrymen scurrying for cover. Few sane men would go toe-to-toe with a green or a black, and the tenacity of a shadow dragon is a match even for archers. However, among all of these fearsome creatures, there is one that stands above the rest: the great dragon.

Great Dragon
These ancient terrors signal the appearance of a new type of card in Saga. Deemed "ultra-rares," these cards are designed to be some of the most powerful troops in the game per CP point. Players of all factions can look forward to the opportunity to tame a great dragon, as this card will be neutral.

Ultra-rares will represent approximately 1 out of every 200 rares, though the odds of receiving an ultra-rare will double if you open you packs in a tournament.

The Great Dragon is also the first unit in a series of units that will be released. Each week, we'll be introducing a brand new unit. These new units will range across all factions and rarity levels. In no particular order, here is the first wave of warriors that will be stampeding onto the battlefield:
  • Nature: Treant Warrior

  • Light: Giant Magi
  • Machines: Flying Fortress
  • Undead: Humongous Ballistary
  • Magic: Dark Elf Assassin

  • War: Elite Ram

After the first wave of units has been released, a wave of faction-specific ultra-rares is set to follow. It is rumored that they will possess special abilities the likes of which Gaia has never seen...

New allies and unfamiliar foes approach! Are you prepared?