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Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day is Here

Do you feel the anticipation in the air, SAGA players? The seemingly endless political campaigning is finally drawing to a close, and soon the nation will be able to cast its votes. No, not for the U.S. President- what are you going on about? It's time to choose SAGA's elected official!

The polls are open, and it's up to you to decide which elven candidate is best-suited for the office. The winning side will have access to brand new game content one full week before the other. To cast your vote, send an e-mail to vote@playsaga.com. If you are siding with Gandred Krull, send your message with a subject of "Brotherhood." For Yeven Nyrr, send "Order."

In case you're having trouble deciding, here's some background information on each of the candidates:

Brotherhood Candidate: Gandred Krull

Gandred Krull began his political career as a royal advisor in the small kingdom of Zhald. However, after the reigning king, the queen, and all five of their legitimate heirs tragically fell down the stairs, Krull’s grief dictated that he retire as the king's vizier. Out of heartfelt fondness for his old master, though, he offered to oversee the country's affairs until a new ruler could be found, and the reeling townsfolk happily accepted. The search for a suitable king continues even to this day, but Zhald has flourished under the direction of its temporary overseer.

Recently, Krull announced his intention to run against presidential candidate, Yeven Nyrr, in the upcoming election. “That tree-hugging, turtle-loving, sandal-wearing sissy is in no way qualified to hold a position of leadership,” Krull said at a recent press conference. “I mean that in the most respectful way possible, of course.” The summoner maintains that his extensive political experience, combined with his uncanny ability to command the demons of hell, makes him the obvious choice for the office.

A large portion of Krull's platform is founded upon the advancement of the rights of magically animated persons, a group that has been historically neglected by majority parties. Krull urges nations of all factions to reconsider their view of the humanoid constructs. “Just because a golem is made of unfeeling metal and possesses no will of its own doesn't mean we shouldn't care, you know? They have the same rights as everyone else.” When a member of the audience pointed out that nearly 95% of the Brotherhood's inhabitants are subject to the whims of their masters and have no real rights, Krull set fire to several innocent bystanders and ended the interview.

Order Candidate: Yeven Nyrr

Yeven Nyrr spent his youth in a countryside province bordering Machine faction territory. When he came of age, he joined the war as an eagle rider and quickly earned a reputation for being an ace pilot and a loyal comrade-in-arms. He headed several successful raids on War holdings until, during a botched rescue operation, his bird was shot down over enemy territory. Somehow, despite several grievous injuries, Nyrr was able to free the three captive soldiers, carry them on his back to safety, and also rescue the wounded puppy they found on the way. His heroic actions made his name famous throughout the Order nations, but due to medical complications, his military career was effectively over.

In the years following the accident, Nyrr completed training as a certified healer and traveled the continent, bringing aid to wounded soldiers of all factions. He believes that his exposure to multiple cultures would allow him to lead from a unique viewpoint, if he were elected. “I've fought alongside the elves, gotten smashed with the dwarves, and kicked peasants with the orcs. Heck, even the undead are alright, if they're not busy trying to eat your face,” he told the press on Monday. When questioned further about the moral implications of kicking helpless peasants, Nyrr muttered something unintelligible about local customs and quickly excused himself.

Along with the improvement of inter-faction relations, Nyrr's campaign is also focused on widespread economic reforms, one of this election's hot button issues. He asserts that the current market is “out-of-control,” and that corruption is running rampant. “The real question is not why human charioteers cost over 20,000 gold, but why we're even trafficking humans, in the first place. Isn't that illegal, or something?”

Lead market officials were unavailable for comment.

*These campaign posters have been approved by and are the sole responsibility of their respective candidates (who, incidentally, should not be approved of by anyone).